Naked Lunch (1991)

Seriously guys, what the hell? I can't even put my confusion and anger into words. This film was the  suck and I have absolutely no idea why it is on the list. Ok, so I hate Magnolia a lot, but I can at least understand why they put it on the 1001 movies list. I'm not even sure why someone felt that Naked Lunch had the right to exist. 

Giant talking asshole bugs are never ok.

It's not like the movie was even that deep. It just liked to act like it was because there was a lot of weird shit happening. I understand that writing about the writing process is cliche and overused and whatnot but deciding to just completely confuse/weird out/totally alienate your audience is not the way to go about solving your problem.

Anyway, I don't have too much more to say about this film other than I have no idea why it is on the list and it was an agonizing two hours.