The Gold Rush (1925)

Well I can finally have another film lifted off of the "I'm so ashamed that I've never seen this movie" list. You know, everyone has one, but I'm hoping to make mine shorter. Anyway...The Gold Rush definitely lived up to all of my expectations. It was classic in every sense of the word, it was entertaining the whole way through, and it was funny, it was just funny. 

This is the first Charlie Chaplin film that i have seen and I have always heard that he is a genius, but until you really see him in action it is hard to have a grasp on just how brilliant and groundbreaking his work was. About every ten minutes one of the two of us watching the film would mutter "oh that's where that came from." On top of that, I was entertained the whole time. There was never a moment that stuck out to me as being particularly dull or falling off even though at 95 minutes, it has a pretty long run time for a silent film.

One thing that struck me was the fact that the film maker's chose not to subtitle a good chunk of the dialog. It made for a much more fluid film and it was a great choice. It was always very apparent what was being said in the film if not by context then just by simply reading lips and, at times, not hearing the dialog added to the comedy.

Especially for 1925, the film was shot in beautiful black and white. It looked clear and crisp and didn't usually fall into the aesthetic pf being under-lit like many other films of that era.

Overall, The Gold Rush, is a must see film and one that is very much worth your time. It is one of those things that is obligatory but ultimately incredibly rewarding.