The Graduate (1967)

I love The Graduate. Really, it is because of a lot of things, not the least of which is the music. So I decided to make a musical tribute review in the style of Simon and Garfunkel.

Just want to say Mrs. Robinson
I love this movie more than you will know (woah oh oh)
God bless the cinematographer, Mr. Surtees
His shots and transitions always made a show (ohohoh)

The first half of the film was entertaining all the while
Watching Ben go find himself
It is a light and funny start that is surprisingly wise
He graduated and all he does is sit at home

Anne Bancroft as Mrs. Robinson
She stole the first half of the film away (hey hey hey)
And Dustin Hoffman was Mr. Braddock
He was likable even though he was a stalker (ohohoh)

In the second half of the film the story slowed down for a while
While Ben was following Elane
It was a great dynamic at first but it started to get old
But just in time Mr. Robinson came, and it picked up again

And I love the story Calder Willingham
Imaginative and generally relevant (ohohoh)
Although the love story was unbelieveable
It's just that this is Hollywood I suppose (woahohoh)

The church scene at the end is as iconic as can be
Big Ben's last desperate attempt
It's so romantic but the family cannot see
So they break out in a church fight

And there you are Mrs. Robinson
You learned an old lesson the hard way (hey hey hey)
Don't tell someone not to do something fun
Because that is exactly what they will do (ooh ooh ooh)